Strobe Media Playback

Welcome to Strobe Media Playback. Strobe Media Playback is an Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) based media player that you can quickly and easily integrate into your website. The compiled SWF and its source code are available for free download from this site.


If you are interested in using a compiled SWF that is hosted on Adobe servers rather than having to download and install it on your own web server, take a look at Flash Media Playback.


Strobe Media Playback comes with the predefined user interface that you see here. Strobe Media Playback supports all the same video features as OSMF, including Progressive Download, RTMP streaming, Live Streaming, HTTP Dynamic Streaming, Multicast, and content protection with Adobe® Flash® Access™ 2.0. The interface can be controlled through HTML embed tags, including:

  • Height and width of the video image

  • Play button overlay, poster frame

  • Autohide, Autoplay, Autoloop

  • Scaling method, control bar position

  • Skinning support, external XML file support

Please review the documentation included in the zip file for more details on complex subjects such as the ability to substitute your own user interface artwork (i.e. “skinning”) for the interface elements in the current user interface.


Strobe Media Playback is great for bloggers, small business, and enterprise websites who want to get started with the best web-based video experience available. Strobe Media Playback handles much of the complexity of connecting to your source of video, giving your customers a high-quality video experience with an interface you control. Strobe Media Playback is:


  • Free

  • Download it now


If you have comments or questions as you start to use Strobe Media Playback, please join the discussion in our forum.


Download Strobe Media Playback


Download Strobe Media Playback Documentation

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Getting Started:


Follow these steps to get started with Strobe Media Playback:


  1. Download the zip file (it contains a documentation page, StrobeMediaPlayback.swf and a test page).
  2. Open the zip file and put its content in a folder in the root of your webserver;
    1. If you are on a Windows machine look for the folder where you installed the web server and create a new folder in the web server's root folder. Example for installation on Windows:
      • Web server root: C:\Program Files\Apache\htdocs\
      • Create folder strobe: C:\Program Files\Apache\htdocs\strobe
    2. If you are on a Mac/Linux, example for Mac/Linux system:
      • Web server root: /var/www/htdocs
      • Create folder strobe: /var/www/htdocs/strobe
  3. Open your browser and point it to the test page.
  4. Ask questions or share your feedback in the Strobe Media Playback forum.


  • Strobe Media Playback is covered under the BSD License.

  • Fonts: Playback Sans font is governed by the terms of the SIL Open Font License – You may view a copy of the license here. In addition, any use of the Adobe font trademark is governed by the Adobe Font Trademark Guidelines located at


Alternative content


OSMF User Group Presentation on Strobe Media Playback

Ovidiu Eftimie, the Engineering Manager for Strobe Media Playback, did a great presentation to the OSMF User Group. He reviewed the basic features of Strobe Media Playback, as well as some of the more advanced features of the product such as support for DVR plus Live events and connection to content protected with Flash Access 2.0.


See a recording of the presentation: Strobe Media Playback Recording


Download a copy of Ovidiu’s presentation: Strobe Media Playback Presentation