SWF Source (URL)

Create the HTML code for your web site in three easy steps:

  1. Enter your Video Source URL, and the Width and Height
    of your desired video player below.
  2. Select the Preview button to watch your video play in the preview window.
  3. Copy Embed Code and then paste the HTML into your web page.

You are done! Review the documentation here and then experiment with other settings. To see the original sample video, select the reset button and all of the settings will be returned to their original values.


Video Source (URL):

Yes No

Width (pixels): Height (pixels):

Control Bar Position:

Docked Floating None

Yes No

Poster frame file location:

Include play button overlay? Yes No

Autoloop content? Yes No

Autoplay content? Yes No

Stream Type:

Configuration file location:

Skinning file location:

Scaling Method:

Background color (hexadecimal):

Remember viewer's bandwidth? Yes No

Expose verbose error messages? Yes No

Include buffering overlay? Yes No

Optimize buffering? Yes No

Initial buffer length (seconds):

Maximum buffer length (seconds):

Minimum length of continuous playback (seconds):

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